Provision of precautionary measures to limit the spread of COVID 19 from hotel ORESTION

  1. Appointment of a responsible Coordinator for the supervision and implementation of an action plan.
  2. Specified Coordinator training.
  3. Appointment of a person in charge per department.
  4. Stall training per department.
  5. Adequacy of Personal Protective Equipment for guests and staff.
  6. Plan of action in case of a possible COVID 19 incident, file keeping of the COVID 19 incidents of hotel.
  7. Notification of the measures to all internal and external partners (associates – employees).
  8. Special MEDICAL KIT is available in case of a COVID 19 incident.
  9. Room surfaces are disinfected with a steam cleaner at 70oC.
  10. Disinfection of public spaces and high-risk objects (knobs – buttons).
  11. Disinfection of room keys.
  12. Check in: 15:00 – Check out: 11:00.
  13. Fabric cleaning at 70oC and proper storage care.
  14. Observance of hygiene rules by the staff during the sorting of dirty liner.
  15. AC is disinfected according to the recommendations of Ministry of Health.
  16. Goods delivery according to the hygiene rules.

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